Essential Chord Tricks

Learn the chords of ONE song and you learn ONE song.

Learn the chord TRICK behind the song
       and you'll learn to play a THOUSAND songs.

This website contains ALL essential chord tricks for guitar.
Become The Better Player!

Essential Chord Tricks

Top Guitarists, Composers and Arrangers use guitar chord tricks to spice up their songs, create hooks and color their melodies.
This website contains ALL these chord tricks and more.

Essential Chord Tricks consists of three main sections:
Tricks , Cookbook and Videos.

Under Tricks you'll see a large collection of examples of all Essential Chord Tricks. Each examples clearly show you one specific chord trick.

Each Chord Trick example has a recipe with one or more ingredients. They can be found in the Cookbook.

In the Videos section you'll find links to original artists on YouTube, Vimeo and other Video servers.
These original artists will show you how they used the Essential Chord Tricks in their compositions and arrangements.

These sections are all connected.

What's This All About?

Each Trick:
- can be played, slowed down, is tabbed and has an extensive breakdown.
- comes with tab (PowerTab and GuitarPro) and a jamtrack.
- is linked to one or more Artist Videos from the Videos Section.
- has ingredients you can find in the Cookbook.

Each Cookbook Recipe:
- describes where, how and when you can use a Chord Trick.
- is illustrated with several examples in the Chord Tricks Section.
- is linked to one or more Artist Videos from the Videos Section.

Each Artist Video:
- is handpicked from YouTube, Vimeo and other external video servers.
- clearly shows you one Chord Trick in Action.
- is linked to a Cookbook Recipe and one or more Chord Trick examples from the Tricks section.

All three sections are highly inter-connected.

Introduction Videos

Essential Chord Tricks has three main sections: Tricks, Cookbook and Videos. These three sections are highly inter-connected.
The Instruction Videos below will help you find your way through the each doorway.

All Access and Download

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The Author is a project of
Macho Brand Interactive Media
and Toxus Software (Jaap van der Kreeft).
Our goal is to create ultra high quality educational websites for music education.

Essential Chord Tricks is in fact a combination of many things.
The bases for the site / knowledge-base are two Interactive Video courses:
- The Chord Cookbook (493 min - 100 videos)
- 50 Chord Tricks (165 min - 52 videos)

Both courses have been published by TrueFire.
Essential Chord Tricks connects these two huge courses and adds the Artist Video Links.

Matthieu Brandt

Matthieu Brandt is a guitarist, songwriter, recording artist, Appalachian style banjo player and bandleader based in Haarlem, The Netherlands, where he has a highly successful teaching practice emphasizing songwriting. He has studied and played with some of the great guitar players walking this planet, has organized master classes and has been teaching guitar for over 25 years.

Matthieu has been writing educational material, recording instructional videos for guitar and producing multi-media projects for more than 15 years. He is currently running a TrueFire satellite studio in The Netherlands to help facilitate productions with European artists and educators.

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